Pakistani News Channel Best

1.ARY News

The Pakistani news channel came into being on September 26, 2004. It is a bilingual news channel in English and Urdu, supporting the ary group. Ary abdul razzak, an acronym for the ary group, owning the arya group, considered a central authority in the political scene and often takes a nationalist side. News is available through dish network in USA.

2.Geo News

The geo television network launched its main channel with the launch of geo  TV in October 2002, but there are several other channels which include.

3.92 News (HD Plus)

Also known as 92 news (92 news hd plus (channel 92), there is an orthodox Urdu television channel which is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Mian muhammad haif is the President of the channel, 92 for celebrating the 1992 cricket World Cup won by Pakistan. 
This is the first hd TV news channel in Pakistan. Correspondent is from Pakistan in more than 300 cities (self - declared). The company is using the state of hologram technology and art technology with video library. It has covered Pakistan, United Kingdom and European countries.

4.(Dunya News)

There are 24 hours of Urdu - language news and Pakistan television channel. This is powered and operated by the national communication services (NCS) private. Its headquarters was in Lahore Pakistan. The world news was founded and owned by the Pakistani traders and leaders, mian amir mahmad, a part of the larger punjab group of colleges, colleges and organizations of the punjab. It is an addensiour of many TV programmes, including duniya kamran khan, of caricatures. one of  the most watched television news channels in Pakistan.
The world news broadcast began in 2008. This channel center is one of the best news headlines for reflecting the socio - politic-economic attitudes of the Pakistani people. At the same time, however, this channel is known for an unbiased approach to news and has been away from serious controversies (unlike some competitors). The world news is known for quality programming and is dependent on Pakistani media for deciding its position as a reputable media outlet.

5.PTV News

PTV news is a 24 hour news channel owned by the Pakistan TV corporation. PTV news, a cable and satellite news channel launched in tough international competition, aims to provide the latest watch news and inform its viewers all over the country about newsworthy events at national and international levels. Shameless PTW does not have a punjabi language channel spoken by majority of Pakistan.

6.Express News

The express news is the Urdu language Pakistani television channel in Karachi, which was launched on 1 st January 2008. It is owned and operated by the country's third largest Urdu daily, daily express. The express media group started its entertainment channel express entertainment on 1 jan 2012. emg also launched its channel, hero TV from 5th June 2012.

7.(Dawn News)

Early morning news is one of the 24 hour Urdu news channel of pakistan. this station at Karachi, Pakistan herald publishers LTD. A subsidiary of Pakistan, which is the largest English - language media group in Pakistan. The station was tested on May 25, 2007 and the channel went live on 23rd July 2007. Originally on 15th May, 2010, the don news channel converted into Urdu news channel after a four - hour successful trial of 15, 2010. Unless the express media group closed it due to financial reasons.

8.BOL News 

Bol networked is a media group in Karachi, owned by shoaib ahmad sheikh, who served as the chief executive officer of the media network and chief executive officer. A fake degree in the exchange 's parent company, Pakistan electronic media regulatory authority, revoked the ball' s license, and could not even begin the network broadcast. Pakistan journalist kamran khan was appointed as the editor of the chief, but resigned after the official scandal came over and said his voice had prevented him from being associated with such a network.


Another Good news network, commonly known as the GRN, is a 24/7  hour news and latest news channel in Lahore, Pakistan. It is in 2005 c. n b c C under licence for Asia Pacific. n b c Launched as Pakistan. It was then owned by vision network television limited in 2015, it was named jog TV and re - launched.

10.Hum News

Hum news has a 24 - hour Urdu language news channel. His headquarters are currently in Islamabad. We have been established news and an online stream on its website by momina duraid to watch it foreign, senior journalist muhammad malik has joined us on the news and is now in favor of the nationalist news. It 's in favor of the nationalist, but left the centre, and now supports the prime minister khan government on most issues.

11.Samaa TV

Sama TV was established in 2007 and owned via jag broadcasting systems (private) LTD. sama TV claims that it contradicts the sensational mentality in the news presentation for the public and focuses on presenting the news based on facts. Its company slogan is' sansni not sarf khamanan '(no sensational but no sensational news).

12.24 News HD

The 24 news hd is an Urdu language television channel for current affairs in Pakistan, which was launched in Lahore in the year 2015.

13.Din News

Din news hd is a 24 /7 hour news channel, a private channel in Urdu, which is located in Lahore. It started its telecast on January 1, 2005, to run the delay media group. They are also the publishers of the din news paper.

14.City 42

 This channel has been spreading various programmes in Urdu and English from current affairs to general integration.

15.Public News

Public news is a Pakistani news channel launched on 24 June 2018, owned and operated by sports star international private limited (sports star). Located at Lahore, it is an Urdu language Pakistani television news channel.
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