Zong free internet tricks 2021

Hi friends, I hope so you all are fine. Guys! In today’s article, I will tell you how you people can avail Zong free internet and zong free internet code. If you are zong customersand want to access this offer then read out the full article and follow these simple and valuable tricks.

Try out all of these tricks. These will definitely work for you and enjoy Free internet.

In this article, we will also discuss how to use unlimited 4G free internet on zong without any charge and with zong free internet code, free proxy and VPN. Zong provides a variety of 2G, 3G and 4G internet for its customers.

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my zong app daily reward trick

Now Zong is giving free internet to its user’s daily bases it is called my zong app daily reward. To get this offer to follow below simple steps

  • Download my zong app from play store and login with your number
  • If you have already my zong app then just update the app
  • By updating you find a new interface
  • on the front page, you will find a reward section
  • Click on it and chose any card.
  • you will get free internet and receive a confirmation message.
  • Now at the daily base, you will get free MBS by the same process

Zong 4GB free internet 2021

Through this latest and new trick, Zong offers 4GB free net to customers. For this purpose you have to did the following steps.

  • Go to the play store
  • Search out   zong app and install it
  • Then register your number
  • You would receive an SMS after five minutes( you have been given 4GB free)

    Now you can enjoy Free 4G

zong free facebook trick

Zong offers it’s consumers a free Facebook package without any expenses. For getting the free Facebook package you have to follow the following steps.

  • Go to Facebook.
  • Then go to login Account on Facebook.
  • After that set Drop down menu, you will facebook free mode enable the Facebook free mode and enjoy free Facebook.

zong free internet new sim

If you bought a new zong sim then zong offers you a super-duper offer of free net with the validity of three days. To activate this offer dial

  • 10# and enjoy free 2GB internet data.

zong free internet proxy 2021

To enjoy the Zong Free internet proxy you first have needed to go to Acess point then generate a new access point setting it as follows.

  • Open up your Mobile settings and create a new Access point.
  • Now enter APN: ZONG INTERNET
  • Redirect the  Real proxy.
  • Type :HTTP
  • The server of real proxy:
  • Select port: 80
  • Now download VPN App from the play store and connect it and enjoy Zong free internet proxy

zong free whatsapp code

If you are a zong WhatsApp customer then it is an amazing offer for you .you can avail unlimited free data for one month. Activate this offer by this simple method.

  • Dial 247# and activate this offer
  • This offer costs for Rs.25
  • The validity of this offer is 30 days.

zong free youtube code 2021

This method is very simple to access and valuable too. so By this super-duper trick, you can get zong free unlimited YouTube and you can easily download any video of your choice without any charge.

Here is a simple description of this method.

  • Download any of the screen recorders
  • Open up YouTube in the screen recorder and save it.
  • Now you can download any video at any time from YouTube.

zong free facebook code without balance

The tips to follow this offer are given as.

  • You will have to install opera mini .if you don’t have this in your Android then go to play store  and  search opera mini
  • Then search M.basic.facebook.com
  • To use free Facebook, open up your Facebook and allow your Facebook flex feature.
  • Now use free Facebook and share your memories with your friends.

zong free internet codes 201

Zong also facilitates you with a lot of net codes. Through these codes, you can enjoy varieties of free MBs and GBs. You can enjoy more of your time with your friends and family by using these free internet offers. Here is a simple description to avail .zong free internet code

  • Dial 5372# and enjoy 1500MBs zong free net code.
  • Or dial 568#11#or *44#or *102# and you will enjoy 4GB FREE.
  • To get 500MBs free dial 56823#. From this free access, you can use free Facebook, free Twitter, and free WhatsApp
  • Now to account free 1GB you will have to enter this code:7863*86#.you can use this free 1GB anywhere you want.
  • Dail *1171112# and enjoy free 2GB ZONG NET.
  • Now dial this code 56385*23#.and by activating this offer you can enjoy 1GB FREE ZONG net for One week.

zong free internet setting for uc handler


No cost, no charges all is free and unlimited.how would you avail this offer. let me tell you.

  • First download  UC  HANDLER in your Android
  • Go to setting for  UC HANDLER
  • Select genuine proxy
  • Type HTTP and go to a genuine proxy server:
  • Port:80
  • Download your VPN
  • Moreover, link with default settings
  • Once you have linked then you can enjoy free zong net
  • Although the speed is moderate you can enjoy it free.
  • Except for that download UC browser not UC small
  • Now click on the UC browser and enter the location by marking on the URL bar.
  • Now in the URL bar. Write the following free Facebook.com.kproxy.c
  • Now click on go to catch.
  • Now in this way you can enjoy cool free zong internet.
  • Appreciate it, go and activate the described offers.

All in all, it had been a great offer where you can avail free zong internet via KPROXY, VPN App, UC browser and UCHANDLERAs well as you can activate this offer through a bundle of codes.

All are free no charges, no struggle just hit the button press the given description and enjoy unlimited offers.

So For what you are waiting for Go and subscribe to it, share it, and make much more fun.

zong free internet vpn 2021

Therefore If you want to avail the zong free internet trick with VPN. For this method, you need to go to play store and download a high VPN. The following setting is needed

  • Go to play store
  • Download high VPN App
  • Just connect it  and your internet would start running
  • Isn’t it amazing?

zong free internet vpn trick

you need to do these simple steps to use unlimited free internet on zong

  • Go to play store
  • Download the yoga VPN
  • connect it
  • and use unlimited free browsing on UC mini

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